AMT-1000 ICU/CCU Central Monitoring System

4-bed or 8-bed monitoring systems with central console monitoring all bedside monitors. Large memory can store up to 24 hours patient data.

Product specification

System includes bed side monitors, central console interface card and software. (PC and display monitor are optional)


  • Response frequency: 0.05-100Hz
  • Leads selection: GND, Standard, I, II, III. Limbs: avR, avL, avF. Chest: V1-V6
  • Measurement of ST segment: -2.0 –2.0mv
  • Leads Off: Sound and light signal
  • VPC analysis


  • Range: 20 - 45C
  • Resolution: 0.1C


  • Method: chest impedance
  • Range of RESP: 0-120bpm
  • Accuracy: 2bpm

Configurable to adult / infant

How to Buy

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